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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Thupparivaalan (Dashing Detective) (208) Web HDRIP||Language -Hindi,Tamil & Telugu (400mb,500mb,900mb,2GB)

Movie Name: Thupparivaalan (Dashing Detective)

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
Country: India
Language: Tamil | Telugu | Hindi
Release Date: 13 September 2017 (USA) 
Duration: 153 Minutes
Size -:400MB/500MB/900MB/2GB

Imdb Rating: 7.6/10
Personal Rating : 7.7/10

At the beginning of the movie, on the birthday of a man, Father and son suddenly died when lightning struck. After a trouble in a shopping mall, a police officer (Paul) was pushed up in the middle of a syringe so that no one knew who did it, and even the police officer (Paul) did not notice himself. Shortly after that, all the officers held a meeting, and suddenly the police officer (Paul) started bleeding from the mouth. Then he died there. On the other hand, our Detective Kani (Big) is looking for a challenging catch that will be like him. A lot of keichs were coming to him, all of them have reacted (Detective). Then one day a young boy (Naveen) came to Detective (Kani) with a real key. The baby boy (Naveen) is a dog of the hobby, and who shot him dead. And those who shot the dog survived, they got a shot as evidence. Now the baby boy wants to find the dog (Nemor) murderer. And that's why Detective (Kani) approaching Detective (Kani) thinks that this is a challenging keich so he ensures it. And talked to him. After that, Kani (Detective) started to investigate and got there many information and got the first information that was found in a person's teeth. And there was a little bit of evidence out there. In this way, he was looking for a big gang in the process of collecting evidence. As soon as they were found, they had to face many dangers. Now, is he really able to find out the real killers and those who have died in the first place, should you also have to solve these questions related to this gang? This Detective Movie Ti Please quickly download the size of your choice according to your choice.

Director: Myshkin
Writer: Myshkin
Cast: Vishal, Andrea Jeremiah, Anu Emmanuel,

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