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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Oxygen (2018) Hindi Dusbbed Movie Web HD ( 200/700/900 MB) Actiond,Romance,Frivolous,Language :Hindi

Movie Name: Oxygen

Country: India

Language: Telugu

Genres: Action, Romance

Running time: 157 mins

Size: 200/700/900 MB

Imdb Rating : 8.3 /10
Personal Rating : 8.7/10

The Movie starts with an action.
Then comedy romantic and action sequence. Thus, after the first hour of the movie, the movie begins with the original story.
Major Sanjeev (Gopi Chand) and his two friends Captain Amit and Satyabir are three commanders. They are sent to a mission first and they are back in the first mission. After that Major Sanjib (Gpi Chand) returned to his house.
Her younger brother came to receive him at the airport. Major Sanjeev met with heroine Geeta (Anu). Gita (Anu) is a good doctor.
Major Sanjib's younger brother's friends smoke many cigarettes every day, but none of his familias know. Major Sanjib's brother, on the other hand, was a very talented student. For this, Major Sanjib can do everything for his brother.
All of a sudden Sanjib's brother started vomiting blood in his house. He was then taken to the hospital. The doctor saw a lot of checkups and then the report was diagnosed with a serious disease. The name of the disease is Bronchogeni Carcinoma, which means that the lunch expense After knowing this, Major Sanjib's brother did not want to stop saying that a truck came and hit him on the road, and he died. The heroine Gita (Anu) posted a postmortem report that it is a drug addict, due to which her liver brain damage. Then Major Sanjib checked his brother's room and found that many cigarette scents were named as Tiger Brand. The heroine Gita (Anu) did many research and learned that a bad substance was mixed in a cigarette so that if a person smokes, he will die slowly after suffering pain.

Then the Tiger brand Mali found a lot of Major Sanjeeb's team, there was no evidence of their whereabouts.

Major Sanjeev's job is to find out the owner of Tiger brand cigarette now. And the name of the mission to find it is named

Who is now or who is the owner of this Tiger brand? And how will this owner find out Major Sanjeev and his team? Can they really find out if the original owner knows that you will see this Oxygen movie.

Director: Jyothi Krishna
Writer: Jyothi Krishna, Surendra Krishna
       Cast: Gopichand, Raashi Khanna, Anu Emmanuel

SIZE:- 700 MB

Size:- 900 MB

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